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Kenmore 16123 Grill Barbecue Parts

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BURNER, SS, 14.375 X 1; CHAR Stainless Steel Burner
Dimension A: 14-3/8" (14.375 in.)
Dimension B: 1" (1.000 in.)
Material: Stainless Steel
In-Stock (Ready to Ship Today)
$ 21.07 ea.   15491
GRID, PORC STL WIRE 16.625 Porcelain Steel Wire Cooking Grid
Dimension A: 16-5/8" (16.625 in.)
Dimension B: 24-1/2" (24.500 in.)
Material: Porcelain Steel Wire
In-Stock (Ready to Ship Today)
$ 56.98 ea.   52932
IGNITOR REPLACEMENT SET Gloss Cast Iron Cooking Grid
Dimension A: 16-15/16" (16.938 in.)
Dimension B: 24-15/16" (24.938 in.)
Material: Gloss Cast Iron
In-Stock (Ready to Ship Today)
$ 62.68 ea.   66123
HEAT PLATE, PORC STL 14.62 Porcelain Steel Heat Plate
Dimension A: 14-5/8" (14.625 in.)
Dimension B: 4-1/4" (4.250 in.)
Material: Porcelain Steel
In-Stock (Ready to Ship Today)
$ 16.35 ea.   98531


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