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Cleverly called the Forearm Forklift, these handy adjustable lifting straps make carrying heavy and hard-to-handle furniture and appliances remarkably easy. Using the Forearm Forklift, two people can carry large, heavy objects at a low center of gravity, only inches off the ground. As a result, you don't have to bend way down to pick up the object, and you don't have to stoop awkwardly to clear doorways. The Forearm Forklift also helps you move objects over sensitive floors--such as wood, vinyl, or tile--without the same risk of causing scuffs or damage.

Easy to use (x-cross the straps, under object being moved, for anti-slip mode)
Reduces weight of object by 66%
Fits in your back pocket, tool box, or glove box
Weight capacity: 600 lbs./Pair and (Tested at 2,720 lbs.)
Each strap 9’4” long x 3” wide
Adjustable up to 48”
Made of super strength webbing, bonded thread at each joint, and padding in each insert
Carry washing machines, mattresses, drywall, big screen TV's, dryers, refrigerators, etc.
Stabilizes objects to reduce chances of colliding with walls and door jams

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