Photo 1 of 00200 GrillPro Mesquite Wood BBQ Smoker Chips
Photo 1 of 00200 GrillPro Mesquite Wood BBQ Smoker Chips
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Get the best smoke flavor with GrillPro's Wood Chips. These Mesquite Wood Chips come in a 170 cubic inch re-sealable bag. They give your food a great natural wood smoke flavor. Try the Mesquite Wood Chips with beef, burgers, pork, lamb, poultry, and fish.
Add flavour to gas and charcoal BBQs by adding woodchips to produce an extra smokey aroma. For charcoal throw on a pre-soaked handful just before cooking and for gas wrap a pre-soaked handful in foil, stab with a fork and place over the lava rocks or bricks. Or for no mess use the GrillPro Cast Iron Smoker Box item number 00150.

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