Dryerflex - Preferred choice of dryer transition hose for Homeowners, Servicers and Technicians

Master Electrician  
"Awesome product does everything your company stated. Easy to work with, sturdy yet able make tight spots with ease. It forms a nice elbow on its own. Customers of my business love it when I explain the features of Dryerflex."
- Harry Gladding, Owner / Operator Dryer Vent Services Tappahannock, VA

"I have installed a couple of these hoses now and they are far more tear resistant than the cheap foil type from big box stores, yet are flexible enough that the machine can be moved close to the wall without crushing the hose. Add the fact that it is UL listed for fire resistance and this is one great product!"
- Michael Baron, Irvine, CA

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Why do you need a DryerFlex hose?

Strong and Flexible

Strong yet flexible aluminum ribbon makes installation easy while protecting against punctures or crushing.

Fire Resistant

Highest UL Fire Resistance Class. Withstands fire exposure up to 250°C (482°F) with zero development of smoke or fire.

Saves Money

Smooth interior to avoid lint buildup so your dryer runs at peak efficiency and helps extend your dryer life.

Faster Drying

DryerFlex makes it easier for your dryer to vent moisture, getting your clothes dryer faster!

Upgrade and Protect your home with DryerFlex today!

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